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Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner Plus Argon Oil

Im a Profesional Hairstylist in Newport Beach California.  I have used many products in the 20 years Ive been doing hair. I would have to say some of the new trends we see today are really amazing and can give your hair long lasting health and shine. here are 3 products I really love personally.

This little trio, is perfect for anyone who is trying to keep up health and Shine. Argon oil is perfect for smoothing out that wild, untamed hair. Dab a little bit into your finger tips and run through the shaft and ends, while wet. Argon Oil is perfect for Blowouts, Very Light. Adds protection while making the hair absolutely beautiful. 

 Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for any type of hair. With all the harsh chemicals in products today stripping color and drying out the hair,  Sulfate Free is the way to go. I recommend this product to anyone who has had a Brazilian or Keritain Treatment. this product is also awesome for anyone with color treated or Dry Hair. Use this product Daily for Best results and feel the difference.